How To Fine-tune Your Local SEO For Multi-location Businesses

Are you one of those brands clawing your way to the top with franchises in multiple locations? Whether you are an established name or a small enterprise, you need to be seen by your customers on the local map. But if that isn’t happening, it simply means that your website’s Local SEO is plagued by some issues.

So, what is Local SEO?

In plain words, Local SEO is Local Search Engine Optimization. It is an effective marketing strategy done by SEO companies to boost your visibility online and thereby improve your local rankings. Your local SEO agency will help you sharpen your strategies by carefully analyzing your SEO objectives and your company or brand’s local reputation. You can find out more about Local SEO right here.

Why is Local SEO important?

Imagine you are a brand running a top pizza joint who has multiple locations across the country. If a hungry customer is looking for your brand’s pizza parlor at a particular location on Google search, he requires vital information that will make his quest easy. This is where Local SEO comes into play. Fine-tuning your website’s Local SEO will not only improve online visibility, but it also boosts local reputation through the integration of local reviews.

Common website issues that are a hurdle to your Local SEO

The prime objective of every SEO agency is to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Hence, Local SEO becomes a part of that strategy for businesses that thrive in multiple locations. However, there are certain issues that are a hurdle for multi-location business websites:

  • Poor quality of the website and lack of unique details like content, relevance, and contact information.
  • Lack of technical infrastructure.
  • Poor response to customer queries.
  • Lack of an optimized page for each store location.
  • Lack of specific, user-friendly information that is required for clients or customers.
  • Non-discoverable location pages that do not appear on Google searches.
  • Absence of a detailed map.
  • Lack of local information like opening and closing hours, and landmarks.
  • Misleading names on the website.
  • Incorrect website URL
  • Inconsistency in citation and NAP or name, address and phone number.
  • Multiple phone numbers for a single location.
  • Lack of testimonials and reviews from local customers.
  • Insufficient photos in the gallery.

The solution

Large businesses that operate from multiple locations should opt for the most sensible solution, which is to find a local marketing team to spruce up the marketing strategies. Good marketing has immense benefits, even when it is done offline. Localized marketing efforts are reflected through positive reviews and testimonials on the website.

Ensure that every local operation is backed by strong citations and reviews. Keeping the content relatable and engaging will deliver positive results, which will only help to boost Local SEO. The success of running a multi-location business via a single website depends on how you serve your local customers. What local prospects are looking for is bucket loads of information-the what, why, when, how and whom. Ensure that your website delivers that.

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